5 Things We Learned About Sony’s VR Headset at GDC

At GDC today, Sony revealed their latest iteration of the Project Morpheus virtual reality headset. It’s not quite ready yet (although Sony did announce a general release window), but it’s a big step up from the version we saw last year.

Here are 5 things we learned about it.

1. It will ship in the first half of 2016.

Sony is definitely fast-tracking this product, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re racing against the Oculus Rift, Valve and HTC’s Vive, and possibly that rumored Microsoft headset; to be the first to market.

2. It will feature 1080p resolution.

The new OLED display will display in 1920×1080 resolution. It will have a 120 hz refresh rate, and both 60fps and 120fps will be options. According to Sony, both have very low latency. Additionally, all pixels now have RGB sub-pixels, creating a much cleaner image.

3. It will have 9 tracking LEDs and 360-degree tracking.

That’s three more LEDs than the version we saw last year. The visible field of vision will be 100 degrees.

4. The screen will measure 5.7 inches across.

It will also have enough room to wear glasses, and will be strapped in with a single band that goes around your head. This band will allow you to slide the headset away from your eyes without taking it off for a quick break.

5. It may ship with these four demos:

An FPS-looking thing called London Heist.

project morpheus london heist

Some kind of robot game called Bedroom Robots (not as sexy as it sounds).

project morpheus bedroom robots

A game where you play with a virtual DualShock called Magic Controller.

project morpheus magic controller

And an update of last year’s shark demo called The Deep.

project morpheus the deep

Photos via Kotaku

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