Final Fantasy VII Comes to Life in This Epic Live-Action Fan Trailer

What do you get when you cross diehard Final Fantasy VII fans with some extremely talented filmmakers? Apparently, one of the most professional looking fan films I’ve ever seen.

The filmmakers behind Final Fantasy VII: The Series, have been teasing out brief glimpses at their world-in-progress for almost two years now. This latest proof of concept video is our best look so far though, showcasing some very familiar looking faces and locales.

The visual effects and costuming are particularly impressive, and the world of FFVII really comes to life in those big, sweeping vistas, and smaller, intimate character moments.

There’s no word yet on how the project will proceed from here, although obviously the hope is that they’ll pursue a full series at some point. If so, fingers crossed this one doesn’t meet the same fate as the last big effort to adapt FFVII, which raised over $400,000 on Kickstarter before being nailed with a cease and desist from Square Enix.

In the meantime, there’s plenty of material to explore on their YouTube channel, showing off a bit more of their ambitious vision:

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