Play Star Citizen for Free This Week Using This Code

In case you missed it, Star Citizen has launched a “free fly week” to give people a chance to try out the Arena Commander module with a complimentary ship.

To unlock this freebie, you’ll need a code that RSI is giving out at PAX this weekend. Luckily for all of us not attending, the codes are not unique. To get access to the game, head to this link and either register or sign in with an existing account.

Then, enter the following code: PAXEASTFREEFLY2K15

This will allow you to download the game client. Once it’s finished installing and patching, you’ll be able to log in and jump right into Arena Commander, the game’s space combat simulator, using an Anvil Hornet F7C trainer ship. The free fly week ends on Friday, March 13. Enjoy!

free fly week star citizen

Mad props to xboston for sharing the code!

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