Star Wars Battlefront Release Date May Have Been Revealed by GameStop

GameStop Italy’s listings for Star Wars Battlefront were updated today with a specific release date.

When will the game be released? discovered that GameStop’s Italian site now states that Battlefront will be released on December 10, 2015, a little over a week before Star Wars: Episode VII opens on December 18.

battlefront gamestop italy

Is this official?

Until we hear from EA directly, consider this to be a rumor. While the fact that GameStop has used a specific date, and not a general placeholder, is interesting, it’s far from incontrovertible evidence. In fact, the Italian version of the site seems to be the only one with this information. The US version does not even have the game available for pre-order.

When will we see more of Battlefront?

EA will be bringing Battlefront to Star Wars Celebration next week. We don’t know their specific plans yet, but rumor has it the game will be playable!

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  1. Games are usually released on Tuesdays. This date is on a Thursday. I would say it is a general placeholder seeing as I used to work e-commerce there and they tend to pick random dates to put in the box.

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