Was Content Cut from Star Wars Battlefront for DLC? DICE Answers

One of the biggest gripes gamers have these days — especially when it involves money-hungry companies like EA or Ubisoft — is that content is often stripped or cut from a full game in order to be released later as DLC.

That’s why we’re all concerned after DICE and EA have already announced DLC plans for the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront.

In case you’re not up to date with the latest news, they announced a free DLC pack that will have you playing on the planet Jakku, ahead of The Force Awakens. That coupled with some of the other announcements about the game have folks understandably worried. In particular, the exclusion of a single-player campaign, and the dearth of announced maps and planets gives the impression that this game will lack content.

As Redditor bf4ness so eloquently put it:

“Its not about not showing gameplay , its the release of information that confirm this game won’t have half the content that a game released in 2005 has. 8 maps? 4 planets? No episode 1 to 3 content ? No space battles? I understand you need to milk people for DLC / future games , but if you reimagine something and it doesn’t expand on the strengths it had previously, your imagination lacks.”

What Did DICE Have to Say on the Matter

The game’s producer reached out to say that there will be more than 8 maps in the game, and that no content has been removed with the intent to release it later as DLC.

“I cannot stress this enough; there will be more than 8 maps! Also, the amount of content in the game has absolutely zero to do with DLC. I can say that with all honesty. As for expanding on strengths of the previous games; I think most people will find that it does expand on the strengths of the previous games, when it comes to core gameplay and what the feeling of a Battlefront game is. Just my two cents.”

When asked if the game would feature enough content to justify the $60 price tag, the producer then explained that there’s more to the game that has yet to be announced — whether there’s a lot more or not we don’t know yet.

“Is there stuff we haven’t talked about yet? Yes. Will that stuff mean that you think it’s worth $60? Well, that’s quite subjective and your opinion.”

It looks like we’ll just have to play it smart here. Avoid pre-ordering the game if you’re concerned or unsure. Wait until reviews drop and then use the information you learn to decide whether it’s worth a purchase or not. There’s always Redbox too if you have one in your area.

As for my opinion, I’m going to wait until after the game launches to make any serious judgements. It’s true that DICE has dropped the ball in the past and that this game could be a major disaster, but you never know.

What do you think?

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