Why Colin Cowherd Has it All Wrong With eSports

Colin Cowherd of ESPN recently dumped on ESPN2 for airing Heroes of the Storm‘s Heroes of the Dorm tournament, and he couldn’t look more ignorant.

The video is above for anyone who wants to see him rant about how he hates something. Guess what Mr. Cowherd? Everybody dislikes things, but just because you dislike something doesn’t make your ignorant opinion any more valid.

He is uninformed of anything that’s going on.

After mistakenly referring to Heroes of the Storm as League of Legends, Cowherd immediately falls into the standard rhetoric from decades past with such excellent quotes like “Somebody lock the basement door at mom’s house and don’t let ’em out.” Riveting stuff, Cowherd. Absolutely riveting.

Where’s the logic in attacking a culture that you don’t even pretend to understand? Instead of making any reasonable argument he steps back to standard “jock vs. nerds” rhetoric, which indicates he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. He can’t make a valid argument against eSports being broadcast on ESPN because he doesn’t know anything about the subject he’s so adamantly against.

Take a look at sports fans vs. esports fans.

For die-hard traditional sports fans, being a fan means knowing everything about their team, like who’s on it, who has been on it, and who might be on it. You might also want to know a lot about the strategy of each team and which players work best in different positions. In addition to all that, you might buy licensed clothing and travel hundreds of miles just to see your team play at a tournament for the chance to be the best there ever was, and you never miss a game. Sometimes you might even have a few friends over to have a beer and watch the game together.

Cowherd is right, eSports are totally different because eSports fans don’t…. Oh wait, eSports fans and traditional sports fans do the exact same ridiculous stuff like examine numbers and statistics and discuss the merits of different teams? Who knew?

Most importantly, why does he care?

Mr. Cowherd, if you’re so adamantly against eSports, then why don’t you just ignore them? It’s completely unreasonable for him to be so insecure and ignorant about a medium of competition he doesn’t even have the slightest bit of knowledge about. If you don’t like eSports, then no one is forcing you to watch them, but don’t make yourself look like an ass by slinging the same hash that jocks threw at nerds in the 80s because that’s the most immature thing someone can do.

You’re a professional, Mr. Cowherd. Start acting like it.


Mr. Cowherd wasn’t the only person who couldn’t handle gaming airing on ESPN. Check out this article to see some reactions from Twitter.

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