Star Wars: Commander Guide: Tips and Strategy to Get You Started

Star Wars: Commander is a Clash of Clans-esque strategy game, but with Stormtroopers and Wookies instead of barbarians. Players choose a side between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire, and battle it out in singleplayer missions and multiplayer base invasions. If you’re just starting out, here are a few tips to get you going.

Build Your Eco First

Your most important buildings will be Alloy Refineries and Credit Markets. Make sure that you always have the maximum number of these buildings, and that they are upgraded as soon as possible.

Building and upgrading these early will give you a huge long-term boost. The singleplayer missions will be your primary source of income initially, but as you delve into multiplayer, you will need a steady stream of resources, especially credits.

Also make sure that you build and upgrade your Alloy Depots and Credit Vaults as needed. If you focus on your economy early, you will soon have a credits and alloy piling up, so don’t let any go to waste by not having enough storage!

Do the Missions First

The missions are the easiest way to gain alloy and credits at first, as you’ll get a big reward after each one. Additionally, clearing each set with three stars on each mission will net you a tidy Crystal reward.

Always Be Building

In the early game, if you’ve built up your economy properly, you should have no problem affording new buildings and upgrades. Make sure you use this to your advantage, and never have an idle droid sitting around.

Even if the mission doesn’t require it, make sure you’re always maxing out the number of buildings you can have, upgrading your existing ones, and having a full load of troops ready to go. If nothing else, make sure your droids are clearing debris for extra Crystals.

Spend Crystals on Droids

You start off the game with a fair number of Crystals, the game’s premium currency, and you can find more by linking your account to Facebook and clearing rubble around your base.

The best thing to spend this on are droids. The earlier you buy extra droids, the faster you will progress through the game. Just like how you should focus on your resource buildings first, having additional droids will give you a nice boost through every stage of the game.

Put Excess Resources Into Troop Queues

Between your markets, refineries, and mission rewards, your resource storage may get dangerously close to being full in the early stages of the game. Get around these caps by putting your excess credits and alloy into troops queues.

You can queue more units than your unit capacity will allow, up to a certain number per barracks. This will let you store your extra resources somewhere, while giving you a head-start on replenishing your army after each mission.

Defending Your Base

When defending against attackers, walls are way more important than they seem. The troop AI isn’t particularly great yet, and it’s not rare to see soldiers taking terrible paths around walls, or pinging at them uselessly while your turrets pick them off.

When building your turrets, make sure they’re covering as much of your base as possible. You don’t want a turret stuck doing nothing while your enemy is wrecking your stuff on the other end of the base. Try not to clump them up though, and make sure walls are protecting them whenever possible.

Lastly, this is a bit of a cheap trick, and doesn’t always work, but sometimes placing a few buildings really far away from your main base can buy you some time to prevent the enemy from getting 100% and three stars.

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