Four Marvel TV Shows We Want To See

Daredevil has been a resounding success for both Marvel and Netflix. If Jessica Jones lives up to the source material, then Marvel will have cemented itself as a creative powerhouse on cable. After that, we’ll have Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and then the Defenders crossover miniseries. But after that, no definite plans have been set. Well, we have some ideas on characters that can be added to Marvel’s Netflix repertoire based on some gems from the comics that fit the overall vibe of what we’ve seen from Daredevil and early material from Jessica Jones.

Black Cat

Black Cat

Back in the days of Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane was the bad girl. But when Mary Jane became Peter’s main love interest, the even badder girl became Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat. Following in her father’s footsteps as a cat burglar, she used her skills first for revenge, then personal gain, and then finally heroism thanks to the influence of Spider-Man. Black Cat could make a great show if done correctly, weaving a narrative that not only incorporates female empowerment but how a villain can become a hero. Plus, how awesome would it be for the MCU to beat DC to the punch with Catwoman?

Cloak and Dagger

Cloak and Dagger

First appearing in Spectacular Spider-Man, Cloak and Dagger exist in a very similar world to characters such as Daredevil. While they may be supernatural in nature (Cloak can teleport and has a pocket dimension inside his… um… cloak, while Dagger can heal people and throw “light daggers”), their stories have always been very down to earth. In fact, their comic run dealt with the issues of vigilantism and the war on drugs. Very rarely did they face a costumed super villain until they joined into the Spider-Man crossover event Maximum Carnage. A television show featuring both characters could be Marvel’s answer to The Wire, with Cloak and Dagger’s relationship tying into the story’s themes of dependency, the drug trade, and life on the street.



Yes, Spike had a short lived Blade TV show. But this is a new age and there’s no reason why Blade can’t be brought into the MCU in some capacity. Because it’s questionable if the character would work as a film in the MCU (they lean toward much bigger stories on the silver screen), there’s no reason he can’t be given good treatment on a cable television show. In fact, Blade would be Marvel’s first foray into the action-horror genre. The trick would be not to let the story get too dark, but Daredevil showed that Marvel isn’t afraid to push the envelope if it fits the source material.

The Punisher


This is the one we’re all hoping for, but out of all the characters on the list Frank Castle may be the most tricky to pull off. Sure, he kills criminals… but he REALLY kills them. Without mercy. Blade may get gory, but it’s a lot more acceptable to kill vampires. There needs to be a trick to the Punisher, which is moderation. Castle can kill people, but the show will have to be willing to delve into the consequences of his actions. The best way to introduce him would be to have an arc for him on Daredevil, perhaps as someone being paid to hunt Matt Murdock down in the same way the character’s first appearance in the comics had him hunting Spider-Man. The two could become allies, setting up a future spin-off show for the character.

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  1. I seriously considered it, LG. But in the end I figured the show would be a little too close to Daredevil and Marvel wouldn’t be interested. I could be wrong, however. What would you like to see in a Moon Knight show?

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