Funky Artists Who Got Big… Literally [Funk Radio E101]

Today we return from our 100th anniversary hiatus to tell you all about some funky artists who gained a lot of weight after falling from popularity. You can read that as some kind of social commentary, but we assure you we’re just terrible people.


The boys are back in town, and this time we’ve got some interesting food for thought! We’ve noticed that famous musicians often tend to get large in their older age, so this week we discuss some of the ones that come to mind. We also get sidetracked with things like the science of pornography and George Foreman’s self-sufficient house of the future.

Support the artists we mentioned in this episode!

“Fingertips” by Stevie Wonder

“The Weight” by Aretha Franklin

“Deliver the Funk” by Patti Labelle

“Lay it Down” by Al Green

“Cold Blooded” by Rick James

“It’s Raining Men” by the Weather Girls

“Don’t Give Up on Me” by Solomon Burke

“More More More” by Andrea True Connection

“Let the Good Times Roll” by B.B. King

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