Geek Art Phenomenon iam8bit Will Host 10th Anniversary Event

One of LA’s most renowned, geek-centric art galleries will celebrate 10 years of brilliance, on June 18th in Los Angeles. The night will see a gallery opening, featuring world-renowned artists as they celebrate their unbridled love of gaming.

iam8bit is the little geek gallery that could; after branching from the more film-themed parent Gallery 1988, they’ve simply exploded in popularity. Never heard the name? You’ve heard of Conan O’Brien’s ‘Team CoCo’ phenomenon, right? They started it. The underground Street Fighter Club event series they hosted? Instant smash hit, packing 2000 fans into a dingy scrap metal warehouse for a unique gaming experience, featuring the first released demo of Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, and inspiring dozens of copycat events nationwide.

by Ken Wong

What’s staggering is how quickly this fledgling arts collective has transformed into something so much more, with projects extending beyond gaming-related events and into music (check out their music video for Radiohead’s “Weird Fishes”), television, film–the sky really is the limit.

The event goes from 7-11pm on June 18th, and will feature a set by DJ R-Rated, with the show remaining open until July 5th. The reception also coincides nicely with the final day of E3, for all you folks visiting Los Angeles for the event. Check out their Facebook event for more details, and the gallery below, which samples works from the 100+ artists whose works will be on display, including Marie Bergeron, Ken Wong, Cory Schmitz, and so many more. We’ll be covering the event next week also, so stay tuned!

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