Gotham Season 2: Firefly’s Character Description Revealed

Firefly is coming to Gotham next season, and she’ll have a backstory that’s completely original to the show.

Here’s the official description of the character, courtesy of TVLine:

Enslaved by her brothers, a notorious gang of arsonists, Bridgit Pike is forced into the family business. When she catches the eye of Selina Kyle, the young Cat Woman and the soon-to-be-Firefly team up to put Bridgit’s firestarting skills to good use. But after a deadly encounter with the Pike Brothers, the meek Cinderella is transformed into a vengeful supervillain, hell bent on destroying those who have wronged her.

How does this differ from the original comic book character?

To date, there have been two villains called “Firefly” in the DC Comics universe. The first and most famous incarnation, Garfield Lynns, was a movie pyrotechnics operator who becomes a criminal after falling on hard times. A version of this character has appeared once in live-action, in an episode of Arrow.

The second Firefly was Ted Carson, the heir to a gold mine who gambled away his fortune, later turning to criminal activities in order to maintain his lavish lifestyle.

Obviously neither of these characters bear any resemblance at all to Gotham‘s take on the character.

When will we see Firefly on Gotham?

Bridgit Pike, played by actress Michelle Veintimilla, will debut in episode four next season, alongside a laundry list of other DC villains. Gotham Season 2 will premiere on September 21.

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  1. So, we had Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, Two-Face, Falcone, Poison Ivy, Zsasz, Scarecrow, the Red Hood Gang, Joker, Maroni, Loeb, Tommy Elliot, Copperhead, The Electrocutioner, The Dollmaker, Flass and now we’re going to have Hugo Strange, Tigress, Firefly, Amygdala, Mad Hatter, Mr. Freeze, Flamingo and Calendar Man (seriously). And they said the pilot (see: ) was overcrowded…

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