GTA V Crosses New Virtual Reality Boundaries with the Virtuix Omni


Just days after the first mind-blowing video of VR game-play using the Oculus Rift in Grand Theft Auto V, the wonderful fellows over at Virtuix have released this stunning footage of VR game-play using not only the Oculus, but their own Virtuix Omni as well.

What’s an Omni?


To put it simply, the Omni is essentially a 360-degree treadmill that locks you in place by the waist and allows you to turn, twist, walk, and run the same way you do in the real world, while the machine mirrors those movements in the virtual space.

The Omni has been praised by many as being the true next step in VR gaming, especially when considering it’s all-too-intuitive partnership with the Oculus Rift.

Will There be Controversy?

As is the case with just about anything that happens in the world of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, one can only assume that this newest bit of immersion will render the game even more controversy in regards to its realistic depiction of hardcore violence.

Perhaps the argument will arise that as we’re now able to able to step into the shoes of that mass-murdering psychopath which the series has become so infamous for, the line has finally been crossed, but at the end of the day it’s the same discussion that we’ve been hearing for years.

Where is This Leading GTA V?


An explosion of VR experimentation has followed GTA V’s for PC just a few days ago. It’s no surprise why given that the game is already seen as one of the most realistic and immersive experiences ever, so adding on the virtual reality angle makes sense in that light.

Modding is still locked down for the PC version of the game, and files are unable to be edited in order to more comfortably fit this perspective of gameplay. However, as many are determined to overcome this hurdle, it surely won’t be long until we find things like realistic FPS mods, AI improvement mods, and other such things in order to make this already reality-warping experience into something of another world (quite literally!).

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