GTA V Gets Even More Immersive with the Oculus Rift


Grand Theft Auto V just launched on the PC, and a fan of the game has already managed to mod in Oculus Rift support. He revealed a video on some VR gameplay online, and it’s kind of knocking people’s socks off.

So How’d He Do It?

Using VorpX, of course! VorpX is a piece of software that allows its users to play tons of DirectX 9-11 games with Oculus Rift and 3D support.

The Tuber in question, Falandorn, has been answering loads of questions in the video’s comment feed, more often than not giving some wonderful insight as to what the experience of Grand Theft Auto V in VR was actually like.

So What’s it Like?

“Pretty decent,” Falandorn says. “It’s not like a made-for-VR game and its a bit laggy but its not bad.”

And that’s just it: GTA V isn’t a made-for-VR game, and as far as the Oculus Rift goes with totally warping how we might view the games we love (in a good way, most certainly), it begins to lose its finesse if the game itself is fighting back.

What Does This Mean for GTA V?

As for right now, it means about as much as this video shows us. Since Rockstar has effectively locked down GTA V’s modding capabilities, there isn’t too much more that fans of the game can do to improve upon the somewhat laggy Oculus Rift integration.

Although, it’s almost certain that modders, as well as the rest of the game’s PC community will be harassing Rockstar as to why they’ve shut out the mod-driven aspect of their PC release. Until we get some sort of concrete statement from the company’s PR team, we can’t all too well expect any Oculus related leaps to be arriving in the near future.

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