Guardians of the Galaxy: Check Out 5 Pieces of Xandar Concept Art

Guardians of the Galaxy had no shortage of scenic vistas, but none were featured quite as prominently as Xandar, the home planet of the Nova Corp. Given that fact, it’s no surprise that the planet went through a heft amount of visual development before the cameras (and visual effects artists) started rolling.

Artist Olivier Pron revealed five paintings he did during this process, as he and Guardians production designer Charlie Wood nailed down the overall look of the planet.

The five pieces of artwork are also featured in the Guardians of the Galaxy artbook, which is available on Amazon.

gotg-xandar-art-5-24765 gotg-xandar-art-4-24764 gotg-xandar-art-3-24763 gotg-xandar-art-2-24762 gotg-xandar-art-1-24761

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