Zombies and a Willie Nelson Song – Go Your Own Way #37

In a post-zombie-apocalypse world, we set off from the safety of the government camp in search of… something or other.


“The stench of rotten flesh creeps up your nose as you stand in front of the huge university complex. You have been here since the Outbreak began and settled in. Each day more people are coming in looking for protection. The military has the place locked down pretty tight but you doubt that there will be enough supplies for everybody if people continue to make their way here.”

We’re going our own way once again, this time to the tune of My Apocalypse: On the Road Again by COFindus. Once we leave camp and explore the abandoned city on our own, will we meet with dangerous foes or helpful allies? Is it true what Eric says, that zombies are never as much of a danger as your fellow humans during a zombie apocalypse?

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