Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain Guide Pt. 2 – How to Survive the Adventure’s Second Wing

The second wing of Blackrock Mountain is now open! This batch of challenges (especially on the heroic side of things) is a pretty substantial step up in difficulty, so if you need any help earning those new cards, we’ve got you covered.

You can view our guide for the first wing here.


The first match of the second wing is Garr, whose hero power is “Magma Pulse”, 1 mana to deal 1 damage to all minions.

He also starts the game with seven 0/5 minions, so that’s something. When they die, they each deal 1 damage to your face for every one of them that’s died that turn. So basically, this match is slowly counting down to 49 damage to your face in 5 turns.

Luckily, getting around this is pretty straightforward, just get rid of them one or two at a time. Their damage is only scary because it stacks.

Baron Geddon

Geddon’s hero power costs 0 mana, and deal 5 damage to your face if you have any unspent mana… so pick a deck with an amazing curve!

Ragnaros the Firelord

The final boss of the wing is Ragnaros. To get to him though, you’ll need to defeat Majordomo Executus first, whose hero power costs 2 mana, and summons a 1/3 minion. His deck is pretty easy to deal with, but you should be aware that he is stacking major amounts of Molten Giants (4+). Just be ready for a board full of 8/8’s at some point in the game!

Once you defeat Majordomo, you’ll get a chance at Ragnaros himself. This fight is tricky because Ragnaros gets to keep the existing board that Majordomo set up (likely a bunch of Molten Giants). Plus, he gets 8 health and 8 armor, and for 2 mana, his her power deals 8 damage to a random enemy. So, make sure you’re prepared for him, and don’t finish off Majordomo until you’re ready.

Class Challenges


This class challenge pairs you against Garr again, but this time you’ll have a Warrior deck that absolutely abuses his her power (1 damage to every minion). One Frothing Beserker could easily win the game for you here, and Armorsmith will keep you alive while you dig for him. Pretty simple stuff!

Win this one to unlock Axe Flinger.


I’m not actually sure what the trick to this one is. You’re facing Baron Geddon again as a Shaman, so I assume they wanted you to use Overload to avoid his hero power (5 damage to your face if you have unspent mana).

It never really came down to that though, as his deck doesn’t have a lot of answers to your big threats. Just play a smart Shaman, and you’ll have absolutely no problem with this.

Defeat him to unlock Lava Shock.


Garr Heroic

Same concept as your previous tangle with Garr, except this time, his hero power does a whopping 3 damage for every one of his Firesworn that died this turn. This makes it paramount that you kill his guys off one or two at a time, or you’re in for a world of hurt. To make matters worse, he also has 45 health this time around.

Luckily, there is a super easy way to cheese this fight. It’s a little cheap, but hey, it’s Heroic mode. Basically, you’re going to run Priest. Using Mass Dispel, you’ll be able to negate that nasty deathrattle. Alternatively, you can use Circle of Healing and your own hero power to clog up your opponent’s board with his own useless 0/5 minions. Mass Dispel and/or Circle of Healing is key to this though, so make sure you mulligan for at least one of them!

Here’s the decklist I used:

garr heroic

Bardon Geddon Heroic

This version of Geddon has 50 health and his hero power will now do a whopping 10 damage to you if you haven’t spent all your mana. To make matters worse, he’s packing what feels like 50 billion copies (well, 5 to be more specific) of Living Bomb. Needless to say, this is a tough fight, and will likely take you a couple of tries even with the right deck.

Here is what I used to finally beat him though. This deck will give you a lot of flexibility in how you deal with Living Bomb and Geddon’s hero power. It also provides a lot of ways to refill your hand, which is important because this is going to be a looonnggg fight.

Focus on stabilizing your board, and don’t let him get too far ahead (his removal package makes it very hard to catch up). Once your ahead, just focus on dealing with his threats as they’re played (he’ll run out of gas eventually), and use Lightwells and your own hero power to keep your bigger minions alive.

In later turns, juggle your Brewmasters to use up any excess mana each turn.

heroic baron geddon

Majordomo Executus Heroic

The upgraded Majordomo has 30 health and 15 armor. The second stage of the fight, Ragnaros himself, has 30 health and 30 armor. Majordomo’s hero power now summons a 3/3 for 2 mana, while Ragnaros flings not one, but two sets of 8 damage at random targets!

To make matters worse, his deck features 7 (7!) Molten Giants. This means that it is absolutely paramount to correctly time when to kill him. If you drop his health too low without finishing him off, you’re going to face a bunch of Giants all at once, and that’s no fun. Look to swing 15+ damage for the finish in one turn.

Here’s the deck I used to beat him. The only trick here is to use your taunters to stay alive until you can drop Kel’Thuzad. Then, protect the crap out of him, and ping down Majordomo’s health until you swing for around 15 or 16 damage in one turn. Repeat for Rag, making sure you have a full board to avoid losing Kel to his hero power.

heroic majordomo


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