Mortal Kombat X Has Its First Ever Esports Champion

Mortal Kombat X has finally entered the eSports arena, taking its brutal fighting game into the realm of competitive gaming. Fans have long anticipated such a move, and NetherRealm Studios was happy to oblige.

What was the goal of the competition?

In addition to officially joining the competitive eSports scene, NetherRealm Studios want to use the exhibition to show off this next installment and provide players with a glimpse at how the title will perform in a competitive setting.

mortal kombat tournament logo

The Mortal Kombat X Fatal 8 Tournament featured eight renowned fighting game champions (including EVO-champion Carl White and world record holder Ryan Hart) and was streamed live on Twitch with over 70,000 viewers tuning in. The tournament featured a series of best-of-five, single-elimination matches with $10,000 as the ultimate reward.

Who won the tournament?

17-year Dominique McLean, otherwise known by his gaming moniker “Sonic Fox,” demolished the competition , losing only one match, and took home the $10,000 prize and the title of first Mortal Kombat X eSports champion.

Sonic Fox accomplished this amazing feat with franchise newcomer, Erron Black. Malik “MIT” Terry and EJ “HitBox Tyrant” Williamson took second and third, respectively.

Where can I watch it?

mortal kombat x screen

The entire tournament can be viewed on NetherRealm Studios’ Twitch channel here. A Mortal Kombat Pro League will be organized and run through eSports for international players on Xbox One and PC. Weekly prizes of $1000 will culminate in a grand prize of $50,000 at the world finals in Burbank, CA.

Mortal Kombat X will release on April 14, for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. We listed Mortal Kombat X as one of our picks for the biggest games of April 2015.

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