Henson Confirms Dark Crystal Sequel, Fraggle Rock Movie

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If the Muppets’ recent return to big screen prominence didn’t enough puppets for you, the Jim Henson Company has some good news for you. In a recent interview, company chairman Brian Henson discussed a Dark Crystal sequel, a Fraggle Rock movie, and once again acknowledged the long-rumored Farscape movie.

On the topic of Dark Crystal 2, Henson told Variety:

We have one written. It’s really good. We don’t have a production schedule or anything. It’s a big movie to put all the pieces together.

On the other hand, we might see Fraggle Rock a bit sooner:

 “Fraggle Rock” is still in development, but the development is looking very strong, where “Dark Crystal” is mostly developed. “Fraggle Rock” might go faster because it’s not as big an undertaking.

Lastly, while Henson couldn’t spilly any details, he did confirm that a Farscape movie is in the works:

 I can’t tell you anything. That one is pretty secret.

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