Here’s Our First Trailer for AMC’s Preacher

The first trailer for AMC’s adaptation of the iconic comic book story Preacher has arrived. Let’s see what it looks like.

What’s Preacher about?

While fans have been pointing out differences between this teaser and the source material already, the broad strokes of both the comic and the TV show seem pretty similar. The story follows Jesse Custer, a preacher from a small Texas town who inadvertently becomes possessed by a supernatural creature called Genesis.

Custer, along with his ex-girlfriend Tulip and an Irish vampire named Cassidy, set out on a journey to literally find God, who apparently abandoned Heaven when Genesis was born. We don’t get a whole lot of that in this initial bit of footage, but we do get a few brief glimpses of Tulip and Cassidy, and of course, a really good look at what Dominic Cooper’s take on Jesse Custer will be like.

When is it out?

Preacher will premiere sometime in 2016.

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