Here’s What Josh Trank’s Original Fantastic Four Movie Looked Like

Not too shabby.

Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four has been the morbid talk of the town these last few weeks. Hollywood may love a rising star or a comeback, but like the rest of us it can’t look away from a train wreck – cinematic or otherwise. This particular event has been more vocal than most, as I’m sure most of us don’t remember that last time a director threw his movie under the bus before it came out. Twitter can be the death of us all, unfortunately.

All sorts of details from the troubled production have leaked, including cut scenes and an overview of the original script before it was rewritten. Now, concept artist Steve Jung has posted pieces of concept art from original version of the film. Many of these pieces confirm story bits from Josh Trank’s original script.

Let’s see the art.

Here it is:





These first three pictures are from the negative zone, the other world our gang travel to thanks to Reed Richard’s tech. According to the story leak, they would find the remains of an advanced alien civilization that suffered some kind of cataclysmic event. That reason for that extinction event was the one and only world eater Galactus, who makes Victor Von Doom his herald.


This last piece of concept art is for a scene closer to the end of the film after our characters have each gained their respective powers. They storm Doom’s castle in Latveria, where he’s building a dark matter canon in order to destroy Galactus before he can suck the life out of the Earth.

The art here portrays a very run down, almost otherworldly castle. Clearly Doom’s experiments have twisted the surroundings. Notice how the broken pillar’s debris seems to be floating in mid air.

There was a time when many thought it was take years before knowing the true story behind Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four. Like Alien 3, many different visions conflicted to muddle what could have been a very unique film. However, unlike Alien 3 we wonder if something approaching the director’s original intentions for the film will ever see the light of day…especially when much of it wasn’t actually shot.

The question also remains, despite the fact the original ideas sound pretty good… are they actually good enough to be seen? Perhaps the studio was right to go back and try to change that version of the film. We’ll hear more in the coming days and weeks, but we imagine it’ll be months or (more likely) years before we know everything. Until then, as talk of the film fades away during the coming award season… remember that it’s often a minor miracle when a movie turns out well.

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