Here’s Your First Look At Orgrim Doomhammer in the Warcraft movie

We haven’t heard much about Duncan Jones’ Warcraft film, but details have been slowly trickling out. Today, we get our first in-movie stills of Orgrim Doomhammer, the famous Orcish war chief of the Horde in Warcraft lore.

So, what’s he look like?



Who’s playing him?

Robert Kazinsky, who performed the role via motion capture. “We were looking for someone who would be able to perform the gruffness, the humor and the toughness of this character,” Jones said of the Kazinsky’s casting.


The actual CGI we will see on screen was done by ILM, who used concept art straight from Blizzard in conjunction with the live performance.

What does Orgrim Doomhammer look like in World of Warcraft?


A spitting image, wouldn’t you say? ILM certainly captured his essence.

Okay, who is Orgrim Doomhammer for the WOW uninitiated?

Orgrim is an Orc who wields the Doomhammer, a powerful weapon passed down his family line and forged in elemental lava in the Orc home of Draenor. Orgrim rose through the ranks of Orcs until he became second in command of the powerful Blackhand clan. He proved himself in battle many times, but he became critical of his leader, Blackhand. When Orgrim discovered Blackhand planned to turn his wrath on innocents, Orgrim sought help from both Alliance and Horde forces to stop him… but was unable to do so.

Looks like we’re getting a tragic anti-hero.

It depends on what story the movie wants to tell, but it should certainly be interesting.

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