How Star Wars: The Force Awakens Will be Different in IMAX

Hint: The picture will definitely be bigger.

With The Force Awakens getting closer and closer to release, people are starting to wonder what the theatrical experience will be like. Oh, sure, we care about the actual movie… but what will it be like in an audio visual sense?

We already know that J.J. Abrams is very adept at shooting a movie and based on the material we’ve seen of The Force Awakens thus far it seems like no exception to the trend. We also know that sections of the film will use IMAX cameras (most likely action and establishing shots), but just how will that translate on screen? And furthermore, how will it look in 3D?


So, how will it look on screen?

Making Star Wars has a scoop from someone who’s helping rig an IMAX projector at a theater for The Force Awakens and has some technical specs:

  • The theaters that house a “true” eight story tall IMAX screen will present the film in actual 70MM film reel; presenting the 70MM shot scenes in its full screen glory.
  • There will be two 70MM prints running through the IMAX projector to have the film play in IMAX 3D; rest assured it’s not the gimmick post converted 3D. It’s what IMAX was founded on, showcasing the best and most immersive 3D ever.
  • The 70MM IMAX presentation will not play at the “gimmick” shrunk IMAX theaters. Those will showcase the standard Digital IMAX converted format.

Shrunk IMAX theaters?


Yes, it’s when a theater claims that the show is in IMAX but it’s really just a slightly larger screen. Many refer to this format as LieMAX, and it’s kind of a scam. Sure, it’s better… but it’s not what they’re advertising. When it comes to IMAX, you need an eight story tall screen.

Will it be worth it to see the Force Awakens in IMAX?

If we put aside the acting and writing to instead focus purely on the visual presentation of the film, everything we’ve seen thus far has been exceptionally well shot. Our best guess is that it will absolutely be worth the price.

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