How Will River Song Return To Doctor Who?

Will the Doctor finally be saying goodbye?

Oh River Song. You were once a tantalizing mystery rolled up in a sassy archeologist, but now you’re seen as a one note character who’s solely defined by her relationship with the Doctor.

In essence, she’s the Fonzie of Doctor Who: she used to be cool… then she got used so much she lost her allure in the much maligned Series 6.

The last time we saw River Song it was in the 11th Doctor’s last series, specifically the episode “The Name of the Doctor.” The character wasn’t given much closure, but hasn’t been seen since. Well, according to the BBC it now seems Song will be making her on screen debut in the 12th Doctor’s tenure this Christmas.

How will she appear?


Well, we’re doubting very much she’ll be a ghost (again), since Moffat already did the Christmas Carol-esque episode for the 11th Doctor. Still, it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

While it would be great to finally have the Doctor give her his sonic screwdriver and send it to the Library… that already kind of happened in the “Last Night” webisode with the 11th Doctor.

But, seriously, did anyone watch that? Yeah, we thought not. Even if it is considered canon… you know what they say: time can be re-written.

What if they return to The Library?


Now, that’s an idea. The 10th Doctor did integrate her personality into the computers there, so it’s very possible he’ll have to visit her and talk to her digital avatar. Whatever the case may be for her return… we’re guessing it will be sufficiently mind bending and convoluted.

But wouldn’t it be great if it weren’t?

When is the Christmas Special airing?

I know this sounds ridiculous, but expect it to air on Christmas.

When is Series 9 premiering?

The 12 episode season is starting September 9th. While waiting for it, check out our comprehensive Series 9 episode guide.

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