Is a Star Wars Live-Action TV Show on the Way? If So, It Could Be about a Chracter from the Novels

Now that Disney owns Star Wars, it feels like they’re going full-on Marvel with the series.

In addition to a new trilogy of movies, Disney will also be producing standalone “spin-off” films, nearly a half dozen comic book series, collaborations on video games with EA, and more books than you can shake a Wampa at.

But how about a live-action TV series? The official Star Wars canon currently features two animated series, but so far, we’ve yet to see an attempt at live-action (discounting the holiday special of course). Before the Disney buy out, there were rumors of a Coruscant-set crime drama, which sounds awesome, but we haven’t heard anything about that since so we can probably assume it got lost in the shuffle.

Luckily, Disney is planning on filling that void, and according to a new rumor, they’re just waiting for the right timing.

When might we see a Star Wars live-action TV series?

According to Cinelinx, the Lucasfilm Story Group is already planning a live-action series, but they’re waiting for the production schedules of the post-Episode VII films to be more set.

That way, they can use the actual Star Wars sets at Pinewood to add a bit more interconnectivity.

What could this series be about?

Just like with Marvel’s two TV series so far, don’t expect to see a ton of stories centering around major characters. Instead, according to this same rumor, early discussions regarding the Star Wars series are centering around one of the characters from the books. What character that might be is still a mystery though, any ideas?

In any case though, all I want out of it is a slightly more mature take on the series. The two animated shows are great in their own ways, but I’d like to see something catering a little bit more to the older fans, those of us who grew up with the series, and are interested in exploring the darker side of the Star Wars universe.

I know not every bit of Star Wars can be dark and gritty, and that most of it needs to appeal to children, but one TV series can’t hurt, right? After all, Marvel’s movie/TV universe often heads into some pretty grim territories, and that hasn’t hurt the overall series’ ability to appeal to the younglings at all.

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