Is Captain America: Civil War Headed to Malaysia?

Production is currently underway on Captain America: Civil War, including construction on a huge practical set in Georgia.

Two photos from this location have leaked courtesy of io9, and they seem to be hinting at a trip to Malaysia. Check them out below:

captain america civil war asia set photo 1 captain america civil war asia set photo 2

How do we know it’s Malaysia?

Well, we don’t; not for certain at least. The signage in the second photo is our biggest clue though.

Maggi Chilli is a Malaysian brand hot sauce, and while it’s sold outside of that country, I can’t think of anywhere else that might have an entire cafe dedicated to it. Additionally, casting calls from earlier this year were seeking “Southeast Asian” men and women for scenes being shot in Georgia. As it so happens, these sets are being built in Atlanta.

Putting these two together, it seems likely that something big is going down in Southeast Asia, possibly in or around Malaysia.

If this is supposed to be Asia, why are all of the signs in English?

That’s hard to say. It’s possible that those are what they had available in the prop department, and the scene will move so quickly you won’t even be able to notice. Alternatively, perhaps they’ll be digitally altered in post. Either way though, plenty of building signs in Malaysia use English words or letters, so it’s not a huge stretch.

malaysian street

If it is Asia though, how would this location fit into the story?

In the original Civil War event in the comics, most of the story revolved around events in the US, which make sense given the Superhero Registration Act was introduced by that government. Taking into account that this will be the conclusion of Captain America’s arc as well, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to do a ton of globe-hopping in this movie.

That being said, most of The Winter Soldier took place in the states, but it had a great opening sequence aboard the Lemurian Star that helped to set things up. My thoughts are that Civil War will have a similar sequence, perhaps in Southeast Asia. If I had to guess, I’d say that whatever goes down there with Cap’s Avengers is the incident that sets up a need for the Registration Act.


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