Civil War: Another Rumor on Who Martin Freeman Might be Playing

Martin Freeman’s character went unnamed on the official Captain America: Civil War casting announcement, and in the months since, we’ve only heard some loose theories on who his character is.

Recently though, a new rumor has been making the rounds that claims Freeman’s character will not only be a politician, as some sources have reported before, but a very, very important one at that. Potential spoilers follow.

Who will Bilbo be playing in Captain America: Civil War?

According to a Latino-Review scoop (so maybe, 50-50 odds?), Martin Freeman will be playing a new character named Edward Chase, who just so happens to be the Prime Minister of England in the MCU.

The disastrous New Avengers mission that opens the film will apparently involve a number of British soldiers, adding some credence to the idea that those Atlanta, Georgia sets are not Wakanda (we guessed Malaysia, other fans have found evidence that it’s Nigeria).

Due to Britain’s involvement in the incident, Prime Minister Chase will be the one pushing for government involvement in Cap’s Avengers team. That’s an interesting twist considering the US president (presumably still Matthew Ellis) has not been seen since Iron Man 3.

How will he be introduced?

Interestingly, according to LR again, he already has. Remember the scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron where Ulysses Klaue is on the phone?

He says something to the effect of, “Now Minister, where were we?” According to their source, he was talking to Martin Freeman’s character, who is negotiating the purchase of Vibranium for the British military.

The conversation, or at least the fact that Chase and Klaue know each other, may be referenced in Civil War (as far as we know, Andy Serkis has not shot any scenes though).

What were the previous rumors about Freeman’s casting?

Alternatively, other rumors have stated that Freeman plays some kind of sinister “interrogator,” and might brainwash Sharon Carter, similar to how it went down in the comics. Other sources have said that he’s the Wakandan envoy from the UN.

Personally, I like this Prime Minister theory the best. Either way though, here’s to hoping for an eventual Freeman/Cumberbatch reunion in the MCU somewhere down the line.

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