Is This a Punisher Easter Egg in Marvel’s Daredevil?

Believe it or not, we’re still finding easter eggs in Marvel’s Daredevil. This time around, the easter eggs are related to another brooding superhero in the Marvel universe, The Punisher. Their existence and the way they are handled could hint at a future Punisher series.

Before we elaborate, let’s take a look at the easter eggs.

They can be found in Episode 13, simply titled “Daredevil.” It goes without saying, if you haven’t seen the episode then don’t go any further [SPOILER WARNING].

Where Is the Easter Egg?

After William Fisk climbs out of the SWAT vehicle and into another freight truck, his goons take him to a garage. He gets out of the first freight truck and enters another. The advertisements on the trucks are what we’re looking at.

First, Fisk climbs out of an Atreus Plastics truck.

Daredevil Atreus Plastic

If you don’t know already, Atreus Plastics is a fictional corporation from the Marvel comics.

In Daredevil issue # 184 (July, 1982), Atreus Plastics is responsible for creating high-grade plastic explosives.This is relevant because, that same issue is the start of a heated rivalry between Daredevil and The Punisher. Daredevil ends up shooting the Punisher with his own gun.

As for the other easter egg. Upon exiting the first truck, Fisk enters another which happens to include a second logo from the greater Marvel universe.

Atreus Plastics to new truck

What Is the Second Easter Egg?

Summerville Department Stores Daredevil Easter Egg

The truck that Fisk makes the switch to has the logo Summerville Department Stores on the side. This is a direct reference to the Punisher.

In Punisher issue # 49 (June, 1991), Frank Castle must rescue the wife of the CEO of Summerville Department Store, Carla Summerville. She’s kidnapped by a group of henchmen, who demand a ransom of 2 million dollars from Mr. Summerville. Obviously, Punisher helps her escape.

Also, the 75 years of service comment is a nod to Marvel, a company that recently celebrated its 75-year anniversary.

What Does This Mean?

The Punisher logo

They could just be boring ol’ easter eggs without any greater purpose, but that’s no fun. They give us reason to speculate further.

Fisk is moving from the Atreus Plastics truck — a company that made an appearance in a Daredevil comic — to a Summerville truck, which is based solely in the Punisher universe. Is this a symbolic passing of the torch? Could this mean that a Punisher Netflix series is coming? I hope so. I really, really hope so.

Steven DeKnight, the showrunner for Daredevil, has expressed interest in making a Punisher series before. He may have acknowledged in that scene that a show is coming, eventually.

One thing is certain, these easter eggs are deliberate and their reveal was slow, like someone wanted us to see them. They were put there for a reason.


  1. In one news clipping in Ben Urich’s office it says “Shooting at Central Park”. That’s a clear reference to the death of Maria, Lisa and Frank Jr., Frank Castle’s family.

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