Is This The Plot Of Prometheus 2?

And, more importantly, does it make sense?

Prometheus, like many prequels before it, is a very divisive film. Some write it off as a philosophically ambitious but ultimately empty sci-fi horror film that makes little sense, while others embrace it as a beautifully shot yet flawed movie full of grand ideas. However, whichever camp you fall into, you have to admit you’re interested in the sequel.

So… what’s the plot of Prometheus 2?

Last we left our intrepid explorers Shaw and David the android head, they were going off into the cosmos in an Engineer ship to find the Engineer civilization because Shaw really wanted answers to some questions, despite the fact searching for those answers in the first place got everyone in the first film killed.


According to a forum contributor who supposedly has a scoop at Scified, there are a whole host of things that will happen in the sequel that he ran down in a list:

  • The film will supposedly have 3 plotlines, Shaw and David only being one of them.
  • The Engineers actually aren’t our creators, but serve the people who are.  
  • True to the form of the last film, Shaw and David will not find the answers they’re looking for, but instead some kind of “Horrifying Agenda.”
  • Prometheus 2 will give us a link between LV-223 (which was in Prometheus) and LV-426 (the planet in Alien and Aliens). There will be no xenomorphs in the film, however.


  • There will be two monsters which will have only a loose connection with the Xenomorph.
  • There is a loose connection between the engineers and the actual Prometheus myth. It has something to do with the fire Prometheus stole… which could really just be a metaphor for another piece of technology.
  • We will only see a little bit of Shaw and David on their trip. We can infer most of their plotline occurs at the end or after it’s done.
  • Apparently, Prometheus was not the first “company mission” to the Zeta 2 System, which has LV-223 and LV-426.


  • The Black Goo is apparently the origin of all creation. We’re not sure how that one works, but there you go.
  • They are taking some ideas from the original Alien script (back when it was called Star Beast) and working them into Prometheus 2.
  • Apparently the plot has themes also seen in the Matrix and Blade Runner.
  • The movie will have a larger cast than the first Prometheus.
  • The Prometheus comics will not be considered canon for Prometheus 2.
  • Some unused ideas from the first Prometheus may show up in the sequel.
  • There will apparently by multiple versions of David in the film.

How will Prometheus 2 impact Alien 5?

We don’t know yet, but it is worth noting that Prometheus 2 still (presumably) takes place decades before Aliens, let alone Alien 5. So, while certain elements will line up both films have entirely different goals. So, don’t expect Shaw to be meeting up with Ripley… unless someone decides to have a very long nap.


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