What Will Be Ridley Scott’s Next Movie After The Martian?

It’s a sequel, but thankfully not to The Counselor.

Ridley Scott is a busy man. In addition to shooting, cutting, and getting The Martian into theaters he’s been working on more than a few projects in the mean time. Not only is he producing Blade Runner 2 and Alien 5, but he’s also got The Good Wife on the air and he’s starting work on several other shows including an EVE Online series. The man is a workaholic for projects, second only to Steven Spielberg.

Well, thanks to an interview with Empire Magazine we now know what Scott’s next cinematic outing will be: Prometheus 2.

How do we know that?

Scott said it himself in the interview. Apparently they’re already scouting locations.


If that’s the case, when will we get the movie?

If it went into production next year, we could probably see it as early as 2017 and it’s possible that will delay the production/release of Alien 5.

Who’s writing the script?

Michael Green (Green Lantern, Blade Runner 2)  and Jack Paglen (Transcendence) are writing the script.

Will Damon Lindelof be working on it at all?

As far as we know, that will not be the case.

What will the film be about?

Well, there have been a few rumors being bounced around the interwebs. Apparently the film will have three plotlines, one of which will be a continuation of Shaw and David’s story in the first film. While we won’t be seeing any of the iconic xenomorphs in the film we will get a connection between LV-223 (the planet in the first Prometheus) and LV-426 (the planet in Alien and Aliens). The film will reportedly have a larger cast than its predecessor, including multiple versions of David.

alien ship

Will Prometheus 2 tie into Alien 5?

Seeing as Prometheus takes place decades before Alien 5, we’re guessing that any connections between the two won’t be direct. It’s possible the events of the Prometheus films may be referenced or specific revelations could tangentially impact the universe of Ripley’s story… but we’re doubting it’ll be something like a direct sequel.

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