It’s the 15th Anniversary of the PlayStation 2

Happy birthday PS2!

15 years ago today, Sony released the original PlayStation 2 console in Japan (March 4, 2000).

The console hit North America and Europe a few months later, becoming an almost overnight sensation. Sales of PlayStation 2 consoles, games, and accessories totaled over $250 million on just the first day of its release alone. This popularity, combined with manufacturing delays, made it nearly impossible to find one in stores for a good chunk of time, with auctions on eBay going for upwards of $1000.

Within six months of its release, the PlayStation 2 had crushed its current competition, Sega’s Dreamcast (which would soon lead to the end of Sega’s console aspirations). It would remain competitive with the Xbox and GameCube for the remainder of that console generation, and even managed to outsell the PlayStation 3 for years after that console’s release.

playstation e3 2003
PlayStation at E3 2003


It has since gone on to become the most popular video game system of all time, with over 155 million units sold worldwide. Well done Sony, thanks for the memories!

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