Sony Announces RIGS, a Shooter for Project Morpheus We’d Actually Play

As if Sony didn’t already unleash enough during their press conference Monday evening, their line of Project Morpheus titles is enough to pack a virtual whollop. RIGS, one of the more stylish shooters to come to the virtual framework, is no exception.

What is RIGS?

While some shooting games have already been developed for VR like Oculus Rift’s Eve: Valkyrie, RIGS seems like it will bring something new to the table. In 3v3 arena matches, players have to gain the upper hand by gaining kill streaks and scoring points by jumping in a hole in the middle of the arena.

It’s still a bit hazy how this all works, but the trailer definitely looks promising:

Who is Making This Game?

While arena shooters are definitely hit-or-miss, I’m not afraid to put my trust in this title. This game comes from Guerrilla Cambridge, the developer behind well-loved games like Killzone: Mercenary, MediEvil, and Little Big Planet on the PSP. They also dabbled in the development of the EyeToy, Sony’s previous attempt at a more immersive gaming experience. With that kind of past, this may hit the mark.

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