James Bond: When Can You See The New SPECTRE Trailer?

Our next glimpse at James Bond’s newest adventure is right around the corner.

We’re hearing more and more about SPECTRE as its release inches closer. First, rumors about Adele returning to write the theme song surfaced followed by an interview with director Sam Mendes in which he confirmed he would not helm Bond 25. And just today, official word has come on when we can see the new SPECTRE trailer.

When is the trailer coming out?

Tomorrow, believe it or not.

When tomorrow?

8am, BST. For those who don’t go by British Standard Time, that will be 12AM PST and 3AM EST.

What can we expect from the trailer?

We’re assuming that this will be a full trailer rather than another teaser. If that is indeed the case, then expect more information on that actual premise of the film along with the emotional journey for Bond. The first trailer involved some possible family connections between Bond and the villain, so we may get some more information on that.

Hopefully, they’ll actually address the organization of SPECTRE and how it possibly ties into QUANTUM from the earlier films. We also hope to get a real glimpse of Christoph Waltz as Franz Oberhauser without a ton of shadows.

What happened in the earlier trailer again?

It was mostly a mood piece designed to stir up interest, as any good teaser trailer should. You can watch it here:

Will Judi Dench somehow come back as M?

Don’t hold your breath. It’s doubtful they’ll reverse her fate from the end of Skyfall.

Will you do an analysis of the trailer?

Yes. Expect to see it on the site tomorrow afternoon.


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