Joystiq, WoW Insider and Massively Officially Fall By The Wayside

Well, it’s official. After rampant rumors and speculation, Joystiq, one of the most prolific gaming websites on the web, is officially being shut down.

Who confirmed the Joystiq closure?

The following tweet was shared today by the news content director of Joystiq, Alexander Sliwinski, who merely requested that anyone seeing the tweet share its back-linked list of Joystiq staff members with any outlet that might wish to hire them.

Did anything else get closed down with Joystiq?

The shutdown of Joystiq includes the shutdown of both Massively and WoW Insider. Massively said goodbye to its readers in a message today that you can read here. WoW Insider said its goodbyes here.

What does this mean for the games journalism industry?

The loss of Joystiq is tough. Last year, CVG (Computer and Video Games) closed its doors and now Joystiq has followed suit, hand in hand with Massively and WoW Insider. The popular opinion seems to be that the world of games journalism is in a serious state of flux and if this doesn’t prove it, I don’t know what does.


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