Just How Much Is Star Wars #6 Shaking Up Han Solo’s Backstory?

The Star Wars comic thus far has been very strong. Not only has it managed to surprise us, but it’s successfully weaved together plot points from A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back without feeling strained or boring. The end of issue #6, however, has been a bombshell in the Star Wars fan community.

So, what happened?

Han Solo has a wife.



You’re lying.

Nope. Here’s the proof:


Huh. How is this possible?

Well, the reveal happened at the end of the issue, so there are a few different ways this could go when we pick up the story. The first possibility is that Sana Solo is indeed Han’s wife through legal documentation. They fell in love, got married, and split for whatever reason without getting an annulment or divorce.

The second is that Sana Solo is Han’s ex-wife, but kept his name.

The third is that Sana Solo has posed as Han’s wife in the past, whether it was conning him (a la the Firefly episode “Our Mrs. Reynolds”) or as part of a joint con with him that happened prior to us meeting Han in A New Hope.

Is this as big of a deal as everyone is making it out to be?

Eh, probably not. Comic issues are often made to end in cliffhangers and stir up controversy so everyone will want to buy the next one. It seems that Star Wars #6 accomplished that goal rather well. It wouldn’t be surprising to discover that next issue there’s some mundane explanation for Han and Sana’s marital status. She’ll probably be a recurring character, but it’s doubtful this is going to redefine Han Solo as we know him.

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