Marvel Courting Angelina Jolie and Furiosa for Captain Marvel

Two iconic Oscar winners may be teaming up for Captain Marvel.

According to US OK! magazine (via the Washington Post), Marvel has been in talks with Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie to star in and direct the 2018 film respectively. The two have apparently become close friends after meeting each other through their significant others, Sean Penn and Brad Pitt.

“Marvel has been courting Angie to direct the project and Charlize is a clear fan favourite for the starring role,” an unnamed source told the magazine. “If Charlize were to get the part, Angie would almost certainly sign on to work with her.”

Recent rumors have indicated that Marvel is apparently digging that chemistry, and is hoping to sign the two as a team, although neither has ever been officially mentioned by the studio. So obviously, take all of this with a grain of salt.

How likely is this?

Charlize Theron’s turn as Imperator Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road has been a huge talking point since that movie came out, so it’s no surprise that she’s in high demand. Marvel is almost certainly considering her for something, and Captain Marvel does seem like the most suitable choice.

It helps that Theron isn’t tied to any major franchises (besides maybe another Prometheus movie), so her schedule is wide open if she’s interested. That is, if she’s willing to sign one of Marvel’s soul-binding contracts.

As far as Angelina Jolie goes, we’ve been hearing rumors of her possible involvement since early this year, although it’s super important to point out that almost every time, the source of the information has been US OK! magazine.

That’s not exactly a rock-solid source, so consider this bit of the rumor to be speculation as best at this point.

Either way, expect some movement on this project once the dust settles on filming Captain America: Civil War in a few months.

When is the movie coming out?

Captain Marvel is still on track to hit its July 6, 2018 release date.


  1. The release of Captain Marvel was delayed until November 2nd, 2018, because of a Spiderman film.

    That being said… I NEED Charlize Theron to be Captain Marvel. I need it so so SO much. I need it for my dreams.

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