Is Angelina Jolie Going to Direct Captain Marvel?

Assuming nothing goes terribly wrong between now and 2018, Captain Marvel is set to be Marvel Studios’ first movie to center around a female superhero. It’s no surprise then that to make sure they get it right, Marvel is apparently very interested in finding a woman to direct. Specifically (at least according to this new rumor), the studio wants none other than Angelina Jolie to be behind the camera.

Where did you get this from?

This rumor comes from the February issue of OK! Magazine, a celebrity gossip publication, so obviously take this information with a grain of salt. That being said, the idea has been gaining some traction online, and neither Marvel nor Jolie’s reps have stepped up to shoot it down.

OK, I’ll bite, why Angelina Jolie?

According to the magazine’s source, execs at Marvel were very impressed with Unbroken, Jolie’s most recent directorial effort. So impressed in fact, that they’ve (again, reportedly) offered her $20 million to direct Captain Marvel.

According to OK! Magazine, Jolie is pretty happy with the offer, and the fact that she’s in such high demand as a director all of a sudden; so if any of this is true, a deal may actually be pretty close.

So let’s be real here, how likely is all of this?

Honestly, I wouldn’t get too excited by it. While we haven’t gotten an official source refuting the rumor, OK! Magazine isn’t exactly known as a bastion of industry insight.

Additionally, this all feels really out of line with Marvel’s style. They’ve never been a studio that throws heaps of money at high-profile directors; and in fact, it feels like they’ve made a real effort to find ones who are at least a little more on the obscure side.

Marvel has also gone to great lengths in the past to find directors who fit the style and tone that they are looking for, and are willing to compromise and collaborate heavily with the Marvel execs and their vision. I just don’t see Angelina Jolie and her previous film work in either of those boats.

That being said, none of this explicitly rules out the possibility. If Jolie was successfully hired by Marvel, I can certainly see why her star power might help launch a relatively risky franchise. It’s still a very shaky, albeit intriguing, rumor though.

Duly noted, when is Captain Marvel coming out?

The current plan is to have it hit theaters on July 6, 2018.

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