MCU: Are the ‘Leaked’ Spider-Man Images Real or a Hoax?

A pair of “leaked” Spider-Man images (purportedly from Captain America: Civil War) have been making the rounds, so let’s go ahead and clear things up.

Here’s the first one. It shows an unmasked sitting on the subway, wearing what looks like a homemade version of his costume.


Real or not?

The image is not from Civil War. It’s actually from an indie Spanish-language film called Maria y el Arana (Maria and the Spider). So on this one, we can definitely say: 100% hoax.


Here’s the second one. It depicts Spider-Man (again in a homemade version of the costume) climbing a building, while Iron Man flies around below him.


Real or not?

This one is a little bit harder to tell, since it’s not using any Spidey-imagery that we could find elsewhere.  That being said, there’s almost no reason for this still image to be blurry and angled. If you have the picture on your computer, you’d probably be able to take a nice screengrab of it.

Add to this the fact that Disney hasn’t pulled it from the sites that have run it as legit… and I think there’s a more than probable likelihood that this is another hoax. I can’t say for sure, but most likely.

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