D23: Here Are Those Star Wars: The Force Awakens Costumes from the Showfloor

Costumes from The Force Awakens were on display on the showfloor of D23 Expo this past weekend. 

We’ve seen a bunch of them before, but this is probably our best look so far at Captain Phasma’s badass armor, as well as the detailing on the new Stormtrooper blaster rifles. Check out both, along with BB-8, Rey, and Finn, below.

Captain Phasma

captain-phasma-1 captain-phasma-2 captain-phasma-3

First Order Stormtroopers

first-order-stormtrooper-1first-order-stormtrooper-3 first-order-stormtrooper-4first-order-stormtrooper-5


d23-bb8-1 d23-bb8-2


d23-rey-costume (1) d23-rey-costume (2)


d23-finn-costume (1) d23-finn-costume (2)

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