SDCC ’15: How Does the Batman v Superman Batman Armor Compare to The Dark Knight Returns?

San Diego Comic Con is in full swing, and that means a lovely sneak peak at all sorts of projects coming our way. One of the highlights has been the display of suits and props from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The best part? Batman’s battle armor. Now that we have our clearest shots of it yet, let’s compare it against its comic counterpart and see how it holds up.

Okay, what does the armor look like in the comics?

Here’s probably the armor’s most famous couple of pages from the graphic novel:


And a few clearer shots of the very solid animated adaptation:


DKR armor

And, just for the heck of it, a diorama:

DKR figures

Cool, what does the armor look like in the film?

Here’s the actual prop on display at Comic Con taken by Collider:






Here are a few shots from the actual film, once lighting and color correction has been applied to the suit:

BvS close up

BvS long shot

So, what’s the take away?

It’s surprisingly faithful. Obviously, the made the armor a little sleek for modern times but all the parts are reminiscent of the original design. You’ll notice the chest  and abdomen pieces are less bulky, giving the impression of armor that you can move in rather than a massive piece of armored padding.

The legs also have the sword breaker pattern you see on the arms, which isn’t in the original design. The open areas, while covered by a jump suit in the original, seem to be covered by the same mesh in the regular Batsuit we see in the film. The belt is nearly identical, but like the rest of the film the color has been muted from its original brightness.

The shoulders, forearms, and helmet, however, seem very close to the original design. They even managed to find a way to include the white eyes, which both looks fantastic and is a wonderful nod to the comics and the finale of The Dark Knight.

white eyes

Are those scars on the metal I see?

It would appear so, if you take a look at the helmet. Either Batman has put this thing through some rigorous testing prior to its first use in the field or he’s used this a few times over the years. Perhaps it’s a holdover from a previous adventure he decided to modify?

How’s he going to get a kryptonite ring on the glove?

He probably isn’t. Word on the street is he’s going to be using a spear… which now that we think about it seems far more aggressive than a simple ring. After all, spears are meant for stabbing… which is making us start to wonder if Batman also doesn’t have a “no kill” rule in the DC Cinematic Universe. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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