Star Wars Fan Theory: Felicity Jones’ Rogue One Character Will Be From Rebels

But which character and how?

Rumors have been flying about the next Star Wars release after The Force Awakens, Rogue One. Due to its time period and subject matter, classic locations may be returning, classic villains may be making appearances, and some have speculated that we’ll see other notable characters making appearances.

… but what if they were crossing over with Star Wars Rebels? After all, Rogue One takes place just a few short years after Rebels. What if a character crossed over from the show? Well, is speculating that the lead of the film, Felicity Jones, is playing the Mandalorian demolitions expert Sabine Wren.

How likely is this?

We’re going to go with this not being very likely at all. For one, just look at the cast picture of Rogue One:

Rogue One cast

Now here’s Sabine from Rebels:

Sabine armor

Just looking at the pictures, they’re completely different people in terms of personality. Felicity Jones’ character is less a scrappy artist and more a low down and dirty resistance fighter. Everything from their clothing to their body language is completely different.

Now, it is possible that Sabine went through a rather drastic character change in the last few years that changed how she acted and dressed… but we don’t think that’s the case.

Why not?

Because there’s no reason at all that they can’t be different characters. It doesn’t seem like good storytelling to make the new lead of your major film. You want to introduce the audience to this character and take them on her journey over the next two hours. If they also need to watch two to three seasons of a TV show to fully understand that character as well… it’s just too much.

Sabine 2

Secondly, it just seems like fan pandering. Not everything needs to be connected. If you’re going to feature an entire movie around a new female character, which is something we need more of in Hollywood, it makes that a little less special when you’re taking a character from a cartoon. In a small way, it’s saying that a new female character can’t carry a film on her own.

Lastly, if she is an original character rather than an established fan favorite it’s much harder to gauge her fate. The movie will be a far more tense experience if it’s a possibility she’ll die by the end. A new, more mysterious character has a greater possibility of dying than one on an ongoing TV series.

What about her being Boba Fett’s daughter?


As we’ve previously commented, that’s extremely unlikely. Both Sabine and Felicity Jones are too old to be Boba Fett’s daughter. We also think it’s a little demeaning to Sabine to assume she might be Boba Fett’s daughter since she’s a Mandalorian. After all, the Clone Wars cartoon proved there was an entire movement of armor clad Mandalorians out there. If anything, we’ve willing to bet it’s more likely Sabine is related to Bo-Katan or one of her clansman. Either that, or she adopted a Mandalorian persona all on her own.

Obviously, we’ll know more soon enough. But our money is on Felicity Jones playing an original character.

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