Star Wars: Rogue One – Could Felicity Jones’ Character Be Related To Boba Fett?

Well, this is certainly an unexpected twist.

We’ve known for a while that Boba Fett is rumored to be in Rogue One, along with other famous bounty hunters including a live action Cade Bane. However, up until this point we’ve heard very little regarding Felicity Jones’ character other than she will be the main character in the film and a member of a Rebel cell tasked with stealing the Death Star plans.

However, a recent rumor is saying that Jones’ character will be the daughter of Boba Fett… which would certainly lead to some emotional drama if he were tasked with hunting her.


So… how likely is this to be true?

We think this rumor is coming very close to “shenanigans” territory. First, assuming Boba Fett is the same character introduced in the prequels… that would mean he’s 32 at the time of A New Hope. Felicity Jones is currently 31, but even if she were playing someone 10 years younger that would mean Boba Fett were around 10 years old when she was conceived.

Which mean Boba Fett was getting it on around the time of Attack of the Clones:


Now, there are some rumors that the Boba Fett in the new films (and through the beauty of retconning, the original films) is not the same as the character introduced in the Prequels. This potential character is rumored to have killed the original Boba Fett at some point, stole his armor, and taken on his identity. Given we know nothing of this potentially new version of the character his age is no longer a factor. He would probably be in his late 40s or 50s in the original trilogy were that the case.

So, that means it’s a possibility then yeah?

Sure, but take a look at the rest of the film. You have Rebels who have to work together to steal the Death Star plans and then successfully deliver them with the Empire hot on their trail. Having the lead character be the daughter of Boba Fett almost seems like too much, not to mention possibly irrelevant, in a film that has a pretty busy main plotline.

Could she be Jango’s daughter, making her Boba’s sister?

Given the timeline, that is far more likely. But, really, what would that really contribute to the storyline? Also, given the indication that this new era of Star Wars is focusing less on the prequels and more on the original era it seems unlikely we’ll get many mentions of Jango Fett much less another character with blood ties to him.


So, what is the most likely explanation for Felicity Jones’ character?

We’re probably going to see Felicity Jones play a new ┬ácharacter who stands completely on her own. She will not be directly related to anyone we’ve seen previously (at least, no one major). It would take away from the story of Jones’ character to make her related to Boba Fett and make her accomplishments seem less incredible. If she were related to Boba Fett, the audience expects great things from her. But if she’s just another soldier who rises to meet an extraordinary situation then she becomes a true hero. After all, Odysseus was the most popular Greek hero because he wasn’t related to any of the Gods. Star Wars needs to take a page from that playbook.

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