9 Star Wars Worlds We Want To See in The Force Awakens, Rogue One, and Beyond

With a new Star Wars trilogy and the anthology films right around the corner, the storytelling possibilities are endless. Lucasfilm has a vast universe at its disposal with hundreds of characters to choose from, but also dozens of interesting worlds… many of which have yet to be featured on screen. At the moment, the only confirmed planet for the new films is Jakku, an original creation. While we don’t exactly know how the universe has changed after Return of the Jedi, exploring many locations whether they be new, old, or yet to be discovered could provide a lot of information on the setting without having to give us clunky exposition.

Plus, there’s a lot of cool planets in the lore we want to see on the big screen and not just on TV and video games. Simple as that. After all… isn’t a little ridiculous everything tends to end up on Tatooine? So, here are the top nine locations we’re anxious to see in the theater.

1. Sullust

Sullust surface

While we’ve never quite seen Sullust on screen, we have seen a Sullustian in the form of Lando Calrissian’s co-pilot from Return of the Jedi: Nien Nunb. While Sullust is home to a massive array shipyards, it’s also a harsh world full of rocky terrain and rivers of magma. Although we’ve already seen Mustafar, Sullust’s less hellish and rocky visuals would make an excellent setting that could be shot on location in places like Iceland in order to carry on the new film’s edict of practical effects and a tangible universe.

2. Coruscant


Yes, we saw a lot of Coruscant in the prequels. But times have changed and it’ll have been about sixty years since we the planet has had an extended presence in the films (and we’re not counting the special edition cameo at the end of Return of the Jedi). Given that The Force Awakens will most likely kick off a new era of post-apocalyptic Star Wars… what does that mean for the seat of the galaxy’s power? Is it in the hands of the Resistance or the First Order? Is it still a functioning city or  an abandoned ruin? We want to see how the galaxy’s (former?) capitol has changed… not because of special effects but because it could lead to some great storytelling.

3. Nar Shaddaa


So, maybe we won’t make it to Coruscant, but there still may be a way to get an urban setting without quite showing the seat of civilization. Nar Shaddaa is like the grimy, delinquent cousin of Coruscant. A moon of the Hutt homeworld, Nar Shaddaa is home to smugglers, bounty hunters, killers, gamblers, and just about every type of scum the Star Wars universe can handle. It’s far more in the spirit of, say, Blade Runner‘s Los Angeles than what we saw from Coruscant and could make for a dangerous location to visit.

4. Dantooine


Admittedly, there hasn’t been much on Dantooine for a while. It was mentioned by name as a ruse by Princess Leia in A New Hope, but that’s the most exposure it’s had on the big screen. While we know that Knights of the Old Republic isn’t  canon any longer, it established that a Jedi Enclave was on the planet – sort of a secondary Jedi Temple. You explored the ruins of the Enclave in the game’s sequel, but imagine how they would be viewed thousands of years in the future? It would help re-establish the Jedi as a mythical, almost ghostly presence that has been all but forgotten in the galaxy.

5. Korriban (aka Moraband)


Speaking of ruins, this planet is just screaming to be visited. A wasteland littered with the tombs of ancient Sith lords, Korriban is everything we want for Dantooine with a dark and sinister twist. It’s an entire planet built on the principle behind Dagobah’s dark side cave. Horrible things happened here and you can feel them just by walking on the planet’s surface. Not only would it be visually striking, but it would give our heroes an emotional journey as well.

6. Mon Calamari


Speaking of visually striking, how about a world covered by oceans and tropical islands? Sure, we’ve had Kamino, but that world seemed to be dark and stormy every day of the year. You could shoot Mon Calamari on a deserted island and really give the surface a substantial feel. Throw in some animatronic Mon Calamari characters, an underwater sequence shot in a water tank, and you have a very interesting location.

7. Corellia


Sort of a halfway point in tone between Nar Shaddaa and Couscant, Corellia is Han Solo’s homeworld. Corellians, like Han, are known for their roguish ways and thus the planet has a bit of a clandestine reputation. It’s not as much a sprawling city as the other two urban centers on our list, but it is full of intrigue and secrets. Think of it as the Cloud City of the new trilogy if it’s done correctly.

8. Kessel


Sure, they mined Tibanna gas on Bespin, but we haven’t seen a good old fashioned subterranean mining operation in Star Wars. Now, make it one run by criminals using slave labor to mine an illegal narcotic and you have yourself a very interesting situation. Star Wars Rebels featured Kessel briefly at the end of its pilot, but a live action in-depth look could make for a very memorable setting.

9. Dathomir


Well, it wouldn’t quite be Star Wars unless it featured a swamp at some point. However, there’s very little reason to return to Dagobah. How about a swampy planet filled with a dark side worshipping cult who ride rancors? Star Wars: The Clone Wars had a number of fantastic episodes set on the planet, but we want to see what’s happened on the 60 years since. Are the Nightsisters still around? Did the Empire/First Order try to wipe them out? There are a number of storytelling possibilities that could not only flesh out the Force while still retaining its mystery, but the Star Wars universe in general.

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