Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Trailer – What is the Syndicate? And Other Questions Answered

The first trailer for Mission Impossible 5 has made its way online, and it’s about as big and crazy as you might expect. What it’s light on thought are plot details.

We know from the bits of story in the trailer that Ethan Hunt and his team are going up against a mysterious organization known as the “Syndicate,” billed as a “rogue nation” of anti-IMF agents.

The Syndicate is a name that will mean a lot to fans of the original TV series.

What’s the Syndicate?

For most of its run, the Mission Impossible TV series had its agents globe-hopping, taking out dictators and evil organizations around the world. Towards the end of the series though, in an effort to cut down on costs, the show began to focus on enemies stateside, namely powerful crimelords. Many of these criminals were said to be affiliated with a vaguely defined organization known as the Syndicate, a network of super-criminals beyond the reach of conventional law enforcement.

While the Syndicate was easily one of the most generic bad guys on a series that wasn’t really known for its villains in the first place, it’s still a cool nod to the movies’ origins.

Wait, isn’t the Mission Impossible film series a sequel to the TV series?

Kind of, yeah! The character of Jim Phelps, who was the leader of the team at the end of the TV series and the beginning of the first movie, bridges the gap between the two.

So, wouldn’t IMF be aware of them? Is this an entirely new Syndicate? Isn’t that confusing?

Umm… hush now.

Fair enough. On to my other big question, who’s getting shot there in the trailer?

mission impossible rogue nation trailer who is getting shot

That’s a good question, because it seems to be a major reveal in the trailer, but it moves so quickly that it’s hard to tell who that character is. It looks like a woman though, and Hunt is super pissed about it.

Could it be Michelle Monaghan’s Julia, Hunt’s ex-wife? If so, that’s really unfortunate, since Hunt left her for the sole reason of making sure she was protected. Otherwise, I’d venture a guess that’s Maggie Q from Mission Impossible III, although it really doesn’t look like her.

Who is coming back then?

mission impossible rogue nation team

So far, we have confirmation on Jeremy Renner as William Brandt, Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn, and returning to the team, Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell (he only had a small cameo in the last one).

And new characters?

mission impossible rogue nation alec baldwin

Alec Baldwin is making his series debut as the Head of the CIA; while Rebecca Ferguson is playing an ally to IMF of some kind, but we know close to nothing about her character, not even a name.

mission impossible Rebecca Ferguson

The film has also cast Sean Harris, Simon McBurney, and Zhang Jinchu in likewise unnamed major roles.

When is it coming out?

Mission: Impossible‘s release date has been moved up to July 30, 2015.

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