My Crazy Final Destination Theory

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Perhaps it’s a bit presumptuous to claim that a franchise as tiresome and repetitive as The Final Destination series be anything more than what it almost certainly is. However, I’m a firm believer that over examination/discussion is not only a hallmark of true fandom, but also the foundation of nerd culture. These discussions helps us fully understand, or at the very least identify more clearly with, our favorite pieces of fiction – no matter the format.

With that said, I write this article with the vague hope of illustrating a series, based around the subjects of predestination, in a completely new light. What if The Final Destination franchise wasn’t just a studio cash grab, but a visual representation of the unraveling of time/space within the context of it’s own universe.

[Before I start writing, please note that it has been a while since I’ve seen these films in consecutive order. My ideas or recollection of the events in each film might not be completely accurate, but I believe I remember enough broad details to express my opinion thoroughly.]

On of the most popular theories within The Final Destination fandom is the assumption that Tony Todd’s William Bludworth is essentially Death incarnate. I’m for this conclusion, as it works rather well with my overall theory that his presence is based around his immediate stronghold between the worlds of the living and the dead. Considering that he only appears in three of the five films indicates that he no is no longer able to walk amongst the living during the events of the third and fourth films due to the events of the second film.

To understand this theory, one must first recall the two significant details within Final Destination 2 (2003). The first of which is the remaining survives realize that their current existence is strictly related to the events of Flight 180 – each already escaping death in the midst of the tragic events of the first film. Despite this realization failing to present itself in any further sequel, it posts an interesting concept in the world of Final Destination. To me, it can be assumed that any particular character that we follow in the five films could (and probably has) escaped Death’s dark grip somewhere in their past due to another individuals action or participation in escaping death – regardless of whether we have seen it or not. It is easy to forget that while characters in Final Destination 3/4 are quick to recall the events of Flight 180, from the first film, they refuse to acknowledge any further references to the series as a whole. This leaves the door wide open for the assumption that Route 23, The Devil’s Flight roller coaster, or the North Bay Bridge incidents didn’t save them from something else initially.

Secondly, Kimberly Corman (A.J. Cook) and Thomas Burke (Michael Landes) are the only two who actually cheat the onslaught of death within the entire series. This affective cheat is only reachable by the interference of Clear Rivers (Ali Larter) and William Bludworth. Without the interference of Clear, who should have died a year prior to the events of the second film, and the cryptic messages of Bludworth, the two would have never actually beat death. Nevertheless, within the context of the second Final Destination film itself, it is implied that the survivors of the Route 23 crash might also saved a number of individuals from their deaths in the process surviving the pileup at the beginning of the film – depicted by the final shot of the movie.

Placing the remainder of the series in this context, it can be assumed that Kim Corman and Tom Burke are still alive somewhere within the world of Final Destination. They have completely cheated death, and they are no longer in the any danger for any Rube Goldberg Machine type deaths. However, their continued presence within the world has begun messing with the time and space of ever day life within this fictional universe – making everything feel just a bit more cartoonish. In this world of The Final Destination, Death is at extreme odds, trying to correct everything that Kim and Tom are doing which is ultimately affecting the underline nature of death.

Think of this series as the butterfly Affect. With every action that Kim and Tom make, it only serves to save more an more people. Because of this, Death is simply trying to even the playing field, and the world seems to be getting crazier in comparison. Although it might seem silly/ridiculous to us as the audience, the people of the Final Destination world have grown accustom to and even suspect for semi-trucks to bombard coffee shops, a few race cars to take down an entire stadium or an entire mall to descend into chaos for no apparent reason, it makes no difference because that is the world they live in because of Kim and Tom.

Okay, this might be a little crazy, but I think that it’s a fun theory nonetheless. Anyone agree with me? Anyone disagree?

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  1. One thing I noticed is that in Final Destination 3, tge rollercoaster accident was contigent on the guy dropping his camera onto the track in order to set off the chain of events. But he got off with eveyone else due to the premonition. Yet the rollercoaster accident still happened exactly as it did in her premonition.

  2. No.
    Sorry, but your argument hinges on Corman and Burke cheating Death forever. They actually – much like Alex – got an offscreen death.
    In Final Destination 3’s special feature ‘Choose Your Fate’ it is confirmed via a news article that both Kimberly and Thomas were pulled into a woodchipper.
    Death won in the end, as it always does.

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