NerdBlock May 19th 2014

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Do you like to packages in the mail? Of course you do! What about random geek/nerd culture items? That’s also a massive yes! Well look no further, because NerdBlock has the two worlds on lock-down! Shipping from Canada and running 28.99 a month, you’ll recieve a box of randomized items and a T-shirt. The items generally have a theme this month happened to be Star-Wars with the exception of one AMAZING item we’ll get to in a minute.

To start with the awesomeness the first thing you should normally see in any NerdBlock is a T-Shirt. This month was an awesome peice that I’ve seen on Now usually if you don’t buy a shirt right away from PopUpTee odds are it’s retired and you won’t see it again for a while. I just so happened to get the “Fett is Coming” tee, a nice play on Game of Thrones and Star Wars.

So Far Nerdblock and I are on the road to a beautiful relationship.

Moving on to the next set of items, I come across an unlabeled adhesive pad, it’s one of those silicone pads you put on your dashboard for your phone, or ipod, or who knows really. I don’t really have much use for it, but I’m sure somebody out there does.

Next is a mystery bag for New Super Mario Bro. U from Tomy + Gatcha. I for one am a sucker for mystery boxes much like the Kid Robot series, but none the less I opened the packaged to see what I pulled. The quality of these aren’t overly great, and honestly at first glance what I pulled looks like a Blue Hatted Toad forcibly having his way with a stoned blue baby Yoshi.

Things just got a little akward there NerdBlock, but lets move on…

The fourth item I’ve pulled out of my Block happens to be a Boxos PaperCraft Playset from Funko. I know Funko for the awesome line of vinyl collectibles, however I’m not really into papercraft playsets, nor do I really participate in Arts and Crafts time. However, the Star Wars characters do look like little MineCraft guys and that’s pretty cool. I’m sure my nephew will enjoy playing with this as it most likely will go to him.

Now to the final item, and one that left my jaw dropped in awe for a good portion of time.
I’m a huge Spider-Man fan, I have digital copies of ASM #1 -700, and a huge collection of actual comics, and spin-offs. Superior Spider-Man was a great run, but like many I was excited for the return of the Amazing Spider-Man. So when I glanced at the bottom of my box, and pulled out a variant cover for ASM #1, a Fan Expo convention exclusive. Well NerdBlock won me over.

In Conclusion, while I don’t have use for some of these items, you honestly get what you pay for, the T-shirt alone runs about 15.00. I would highly suggest NerdBlock to anybody who loves getting packages, and loves nerdy or geeky items.

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