Ten Creepy Songs For Halloween (Part 1)

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No holiday is complete without the proper music. Christmas has Bing Crosby and his silver balls and mistletoe. Independence Day has John Phillips Sousa, and Valentines Day has Lionel Richie. But Halloween, with it’s songs about dancing monsters and stuff like that is the king of ‘em all, y’all. So let’s dig a little deeper. Let’s get into some really eerie shit. Here’s ten of the creepiest songs I could find!

Headpones, “Hello Operator”, Headphones, 2005

I know, this sounds like a Postal Service song. But the lyrics are creepy as fuck.

Robert Johnson,  “Hellhound on My Trail”, The Complete Recordings

Motherfucker’s being chased by the devil.

Hasil Adkns, “No More Hot Dogs”, Out to Hunch

The true rock and roll madman. It’s not just that he’s planning to cut his chick’s head off. But that he announces when he’s going to decapitate her. And that he plans to mou And that he thinks it’s so funny.

Jumpin’ Gene Simmons, “Haunted House”, 1964

Nope, not the make up covered creature of the night from KISS. This is the not quite so famous, but legendary Tupelo, MS based rockabilly banger Jumpin’ Gene!!

Polkadot Cadaver, “Chloroform Girl”, Purgatory Dance Party, 2013

There’s a lot of really fucked up people out there. And most of them are either in the Maryland based band Polkadot Cadaver, or are big fans of the band.

The Tiger Lillies, “Murder”, Ad Nauseum, 1995

In all honesty, the UK’s The Tiger Lillies are probably the creepiest band ever. This list could be just ten random Tiger Lillies songs. This one has always had a special place in my heart.

Charlie Daniels Band, “The Legend of Wooley Swamp”, Full Moon, 1980

The fiddle legend tells a purty creepy story.

The Kossoy Sistes, “Down in a Valley Below”, Bowling Green

A creepy, traditional classic tale of murder.

The Decemberists, “Leslie Ann Levine”, Castaways and Cutouts, 2002

This whole album is creepy, but this tale of a murdered child and her best friend, a chimney sweep who died in 1822 after being lodged inside a chimney, is especially unnerving.

Violent Femmes, Country Death Song, Hallowed Ground, 1984

A classic, creepy first person tale of child murder on a largely misunderstood record. Sinister as fuck.

Happy Halloween everyone!!


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