New Music W’s 10 More Super Creepy Songs for Halloween!!!!

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No holiday is complete without the proper music. Christmas has Bing Crosby and his silver balls and mistletoe. Independence Day has John Phillips Sousa, and Valentines Day has Lionel Richie. But Halloween, with it’s songs about dancing monsters and stuff like that is the king of ‘em all, y’all. So let’s dig a little deeper. Let’s get into some really eerie shit. Here’s ten of the creepiest songs I could find!

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10. “Exorcism” by Tommy Scott and Scotty Lee

9. “Halloween in Harlem” by Sun Ra Arkestra


8. “The Ra Goblin Man” by Arthur Collins

7.  “The Witch” by The Sonics

Pacific northwest greatness from some recently reunited garage heroes!

6. “It’s Halloween” by The Shaggs

Pur-o outsider greatness!!

5. “Pet Semetary” by The Ramones

4. “Patches the Clown” by Deadbolt

Everyone’s scared of clowns these days. Here’s the drunken tale of one of the scariest.

3. “The Lurch” by Ted Cassidy

The other classic scary song to emerge from The Addams Family!!

2. “Carry Me Back to Transylvania” by Gene Moss and the Monsters

Lotsa creepy fun!!

1. “Death Letter” by Son House

Made famous by The White Stripes, this classic tale of love and death will eat at you.

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