News Flash: Marvel Plans to Make More Movies

That’s something we all already know. Iron Man has been immensely popular and successful and the sequel looks to follow suit. Meanwhile the studio has other tentpole films like Thor, Captain America and The Avengers in production, while an Ant-Man movie is also on the way. Outside of these potential franchise films though, what is Marvel going to do? CHUD apparently knows, and it’s something that should get comic and movie fans alike excited.

The plan, according to CHUD, is to release a series of small budget films based on some of Marvel’s even less well-known characters. The budgets are reportedly set to be between $20-40 million, which isn’t exactly the smallest, but for a studio action film, that’s on the low side.

Marvel has begun meetings with writers and directors to ascertain which characters, like Dr. Strange, Luke Cage, Ka-Zar, Dazzler and Power Pack, they want to bring to the big screen. That list is nothing definite though, as Marvel has said they are open to having any of their characters given the film treatment if the price is right.

This is seriously very good news. For one, comic book fans have now been given hope that some of their favorite, yet lesser-known characters might get a shot at the big time, while Marvel, if it can keep to its budgets, will be doing something that is usually associated with independent developers and film-makers, and not a big studio like Marvel and Disney.

The budgets for Iron Man, its sequel, and the other in production films are well over $100 million, edging closer to $200 million in some cases. That means Marvel is going to choose projects they know they can market to a maximum audience and make a profit off. By ear-marking some smaller projects, they can develop features catered at a smaller demographic, and explore some of the less mainstream characters.

Darker characters like Moon Knight, some of the members of the Thunderbolts, and other villains may get their own film, a prospect I’m excited for. It will also allow Marvel to further develop and expand their interconnected universe. With smaller budgets we may also see lesser known actors and directors given a shot at some of Marvels characters, who could have some refreshing and exciting ideas. The possibilities just look great for some interesting movies to get made by Marvel.

Obviously there’s a chance that the initiative blows up in their face. The budgets may infact prove to be too small depending on the character they choose and the crew they put behind them, and underbudgeting could ruin the production. Also the fact that they are choosing characters who are lesser known among the average audience member may mean that  box office success difficult may be to find. . At least the films will have the considerable advertising might of Marvel and Disney behind them. We should remember that Iron Man wasn’t a huge name before Downey Jr came onboard and the marketing machine kicked into gear.

It looks like there will be interesting times ahead at Marvel, what characters would you like to see given the big screen treatment?

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