NMW: John Legend, Black Eyed Peas, Ty Segall, and More!!!

End of the week means the beginning of new stuff for music fans. Strap on your headphones and let’s go!

The Big News

Yeah, a John Legend xmas record. Can’t wait.

Everything Else

9, the first Saves the Day album in five years emerges this week.

Swedish chanteuse Robyn returns rambunctiously with Honey, her first 2010.

A new Black Eyed Peas record was a big deal… once upon a time. Maybe it still is, it just isn’t to me. Masters of the Sun Vol 1 is some sort of political concept album or something and is the first official word from the band in several years.

Two Ty’s

MihTy is the new collab between Ty Dolla Sign and Jeremih.

And Ty Segall covers a bunch of cool bands on Fudge Sandwich.

My Recommendation

The mighty Daughters are back with their first release since their classic self-titled release in 2010. You Won’t Get What You Want is highly anticipated.

Next Week

Tune in next week for new stuff from: TENACIOUS FUCKIN’ D!!!!!

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