James Bond 007: How Is Sam Smith’s “Writing’s On The Wall” Theme For SPECTRE?

A return to another era.

Daniel Craig has been very lucky in his tenure as Great Britain’s favorite 00 agent. Not only were Casino Royale and Skyfall fantastic films, they had fantastic themes to match. While Quantum of Solace and its theme “Another Way To Die” aren’t as beloved as their Craig era siblings, many were hopeful that Sam Smith’s SPECTRE┬ásong, “The Writing’s On The Wall” would prove a worthy follow up to Adelle’s Oscar winning turn with “Skyfall.”

And now you’re free to judge the song for yourself. It’s been officially released on Spotify for your listening pleasure:

How is the song?

Pretty good, actually. While it lacks the energy of Chris Cornell’s “You Know My Name” or the defiant power of Adelle’s “Skyfall,” it has a certainly melancholy quality that’s backed up by an orchestra’s instrumentals. Sam Smith’s voice isn’t for everybody but he performs well, especially during the chorus bits. We will say that it feels like it’s building to a crescendo that doesn’t quite come.

All in all, it sounds very much like a theme from the Connery era, which makes total sense given that it seems the filmmakers are trying to return to the classic era of Bond with this outing. Train fights, SPECTRE, special cars, henchmen… it’s all there and we can’t wait to see how they put the usual spin of the Craig era on all the elements.


Where would you rank it compared to the other Craig era songs?

Probably third best behind “Skyfall” and “You Know My Name,” though that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

When will the film be officially released?

It has been. You can download it from itunes here.

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